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Should sysadmins use python instead of linux tools ?

Hi everybody. Many times, I got some messages from visitors of this blog who cannot read french fluently and who were asking for articles in english. So I’ve decided to write this first post in english.

For many years, I’ve been using the whole set of linux tools to take care of my daily tasks as a sysadmin. Sed, awk, cut, along with regular expressions, are extremely powerful tools to process raw data (log files for instance) and present them in a suitable format.

But two years ago, as I was learning python, I noticed it was not just appropriate to developing complex programs but it is  also perfectly suitable to achieve my sysadmin work, as it is much faster to complete some of your automated tasks than traditional linux tools.

In this post, let’s just compare both traditional way to deal with log files, vs a python approach to this. I hope you’ll be as convinced as I am.